Who is HEALA?

HEALA is a coalition of civil society organisations that advocate for equitable access to affordable, nutritious food in South Africa by building a more just food system.

Access to nutritious, affordable food is a fundamental human right. Section 27(1)(b) of the South African Constitution guarantees all the right to sufficient food and commits the state to the progressive realisation of this right. Additionally, Section 28(1)(c) states that every child has the right to basic nutrition, shelter, basic health care services and social services.

Still, South Africa suffers from high levels of hunger, food insecurity, and obesity – all of which are consequences of the country’s broken food system.

A healthy and sufficient diet is essential for all people to achieve their full potential.
HEALA believes that only by fixing South Africa’s broken food system will the country be able to guarantee everyone equitable access to affordable, nutritious food.

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