Get Involved

HEALA uses evidence-based campaigns to raise the public’s awareness of the harms of excessive consumption of unhealthy foods and the most effective policy-related solutions to the problem. The campaigns illuminate the role that industry plays in making unhealthy foods widely accessible in communities and amplifies the voices of individuals, particularly those at risk of developing health problems, to demand policies that will transform the food system to encourage healthier diets.

There are three ways you can join the food justice movement.

#1 Digital advocacy

Support our digital campaigns that lobby government and big food on important policy issues like the sugar tax, front-of-package warning labels and marketing junk food to children and vulnerable communities. You can show your support by signing petitions, sending letters to ministers, joining a protest or sharing our campaigns on social media.


#2 Rally your community

We need the support of people in communities across South Africa. We work closely with the Rural Health Advocacy Project, Xa Sisonke Siyaphila programme, to engage communities in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape to create awareness about the role of food and nutrition in health and we mobilise them to take action.

Xa Sisonke Siyaphila does this by integrating nutrition literacy training and information on food justice, food systems and the need for policy into the activities of the community-based organisations it works with. Sisonke uses a ‘train-the-trainer’ model to cascade information down to the grassroots level in communities.

Xa Sisonke Siyaphila also identifies and develops local champions to build their knowledge on these topics and develops their capacity to become advocates for these issues using local media channels.


#3 Become a coalition member

HEALA collaborates with its coalition partners to promote food justice at a grassroots level. It does this using education and awareness raising activities as well as by promoting specific advocacy campaigns through its coalition partners.

HEALA partners with civil society organisations and faith-based organisations with a national, provincial or regional footprint. We also work with community-based organisations at a local community level.


What are the benefits to working with HEALA?