Frequently Asked Questions

What is HEALA's vision?

Our vision is a South Africa in which all people have access to healthy food and clean water within a healthy and sustainable environment.

How will HEALA work to build a healthy food environment?

  • Empowering all those who live in South Africa to make healthy food and lifestyle choices to prevent non-communicable diseases.
  • Holding government accountable for meeting its constitutional mandate to develop and implement policies to promote sustainable access to healthy food, clean water and a healthy environment (Sections 24 and 27 of the Bill of Rights).
  • Combatting how the dominance of Big Food companies distorts the production, distribution, marketing, and availability of, food.
  • Holding Big Food companies accountable for the effects of their unhealthy products.

How can you support HEALA to achieve it's aims?

Please click on the button below to contact us and see how you can help us achieve our aims.